Overheard in the Store #1

Part of it may be that the bookstore is in the local mall, and everyone has to be somewhere quickly, but there seems to be a lot of discussion about whether or not to even go in the bookstore. I, quite frankly, would not walk by a bookstore but it seems that many people would.

Funnily enough, it is often the men that are hell bent on not entering the store. One of them said, so charmingly, today “Books? Really? Who reads?” I would think that the other people in the bookstore would have had something to say about that. I am one of those people who would prefer to hold a book in my hands than an e-Reader. Yes, I have a Kindle, but my groaning bookshelves can attest to the fact that that does not slow down my book buying sprees. I worry when people say that actual books are on the way out, to be replaced by e-Readers and online books. A computer screen does not hold the same anticipation, or the same book smell, that can be found from actually holding a book.

I like to guess what the customers are going to buy, and I am becoming rather good at figuring out who is coming in to buy Fifty Shades of Grey and the Sylvia Day series that is apparently very similar to it. They’re often younger women who do not appear to be the kind to spend hours browsing the bookshelves and looking for a particular book. It makes me wonder, why are they buying it? Is it because someone told them to? They’ve heard so much about it that they have to see the hype? And there have been those who have admitted to me that they “don’t read, but I will read this one.” I can’t decide if it’s better that they are reading something, anything, or if they should try something a bit more…just more.