Oh my life

I swear, I need a camera crew to follow me around to capture some of the nonsense that happens in my life. What you need to know for this little snippet: the bookstore is not very busy, so there is only one person working at a time, I am in my twenties, and this store used to be a Borders bookstore and I worked there too.

Today there was an older man, say late 40s, early 50s (his glasses are at least as old as I am, those giant plastic frames aren’t doing you any favors, sir) who came in and was chatty. I answer his questions about books, how long the store will be open (it is up in the air as to whether or not this store is meant to be a one-year-only thing or permanent), that kind of thing. Then, and maybe this should have been a warning sign, the guy asks if I worked there when it was Borders. I answer yes and then he goes on to mention that many of the people working in this store used to work in Borders.

Then the man introduces himself and asks if I want to get together sometime. This is the part that makes me laugh, because instead of me saying what I was really thinking, “yikes!” I just say, “no, thank you.” Well, I am nothing if not polite at least! He tries to salvage the conversation for a little longer, going on about how he hopes the bookstore stays around, but then makes a quick exit.

Afterwards I found my response to be the silliest thing of all. Only I could come up with that. Oh man.

Who knows what my next bookstore adventure will be!?